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The company was started in Mississauga, Ontario in December 2001 with the goal to build the most accurate and reliable translation business in the Galaxy. Our team is comprised of translators and interpreters, all of whom possess a degree in linguistics. We specialize in diverse industries such as the medical, pharmaceutical, legal, and technical industries and are accredited with various professional organizations.
Our goal is to build a lasting business relationship by surpassing our clients’ expectations.
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With a roster of over 5,000 translators worldwide, the success of our business can be attributed to providing accurate translations within the time-frame needed. All material is proofread, thus eliminating any possibility of human error in translation, syntax or grammar. We are able to meet rotating deadlines, no matter the size of your project and are committed to providing on-time and on-budget service with our diligent, flexible team. Weekend and after-hour service is the norm here at Galaxy Translations Inc.
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